Homemade Chole Masala Ingredients

Chhole Masala


Coriander seeds – 6tbsp
Cumin seeds – 4tbsp
Whole red chillies-20
Cinnamon sticks – 4 inch long piece
Cloves – 20
Ajwain – 1tsp
Black cardamom – 3
Green cardamom – 3
Black pepper – 1tsp
Kasoori methi – 3tsp
Triphala powder – 1tbsp
Anardana – 4tbsp
Bay leaves – 25
Amchur powder -2tsp
Saunth powder -1tsp
Salt – 2tsp
Black salt – 3tsp
Javitri – 2 flowers

Homemade Chole Masala
Homemade Chole Masala


1. Dry roast all the ingredients except salt, black salt, amchur, saunth and tirphala powder.

2. After roasting all the ingredients, turn off the gas and mix salt, black salt, amchur, saunth and triphala powder with it.

3. Let the ingredients cool and then grind

4. Store in an airtight container and use while making chhole.

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