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Coconut Rice

There are dozens of mixed rice varieties that liven up a meal. They can be a meal by themselves, accompanied by some chips or papad, or be part of a larger meal – especially at weddings and festivals – comprising of many dishes.

Lemon rice, coconut rice and curd rice are just a few of the popular ones. There are many more, each better than the other. I have already shared the recipe of puliodarai (tamarind rice). Here I will share the recipe of coconut rice, which can be prepared in a trice. You can even make the mix and keep for a few days in the fridge. You just need to mix it with hot steamed rice and you are all set for a satisfying meal.



·         Grated fresh coconut      1 cup (packed)

·         Mustard                         ½ tsp

·         Chana dal                       1 tbsp

·         Groundnuts                     2 tbsp

·         Cashew nuts (optional)   10 broken into halves

·         Red chillies                     2 broken into two

·         Green chillies                 1 (cut into 2 or 3 pieces)

·         Curry leaves                   10-12

·         Hing                                ¼ tsp

·         Oil                                    2 tsp

·         Salt to taste

Ingredients for Coconut Rice


To make the coconut rice:

·         Prepared Coconut mix

·         Cooked rice                      2 ½ cups

·         Oil/ghee                            1 tsp


·         Heat the oil in a kadhai. When oil is hot, add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add groundnuts and after 30 seconds, add chana dal. Once they begin browning, add the cashews and fry.

·         Now add the chillies, curry leaves and hing and fry a little.

·         Add the coconut and roast it till it turns light golden in colour. Avoid browning it.  Take it off the flame.

·         Add the required salt in the coconut mix and toss it well so that the salt spreads evenly. 

Mix is getting ready

·         Take the cooked rice in a wide bowl and add the coconut mix in it. Mix it gently with a fork, taking care not to break the rice. Check for salt and adjust to taste. Drizzle a tsp of ghee or oil and rest the rice for half an hour.

·         Flavoursome coconut rice is ready to serve.

·         Serve it with sambar, raita, chips or papad.


Coconut Rice


·         You can use just groundnuts and avoid cashew nuts if you want or vice versa. I have only used groundnuts.

·         I use til oil for all mixed rices, because it adds a great flavour. You can use groundnut oil or any refined oil too.

·         Some people roast the coconut to a darker brown and others just toss it in the tadka for a bit, but for the best flavour roast it to a slight golden colour.

·         If you want to reduce oil, reduce the oil in the tadka but don’t skip the final drizzling of oil/ghee. It adds that special flavour to the dish. 


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