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Kairi-kanda chutney/Raw Mango-Onion relish

There are so many recipes that use raw mangoes that one can make a whole mango series for the summer! I particularly like this relish which is quick, easy and finger-licking tasty. The mix of tastes is just out of this world. First the sweetness, then the saltiness and sourness and finally the heat of […]

Panagam – the cooling summer drink

Indian summers can get uncomfortably hot. In fact, they can become fatal if exposed to the direct sun when the temperatures hover around 450 C or more. Extreme heat can cause heat strokes, stomach upsets, stoppage of urine, boils and rashes and many other problems. Heat strokes kill hundreds of people around the country every […]

Mango-Neem flower pachadi – a bittersweet summer chutney

In India, New Year comes many times during the year – depending upon the region one lives in. And just as the number of celebrations, the customs and food are varied and exciting too. The unique thing about naivedya made during festivals is that they have health benefits and are suited for that particular season. […]

Diwali Special: A Digestive ‘halwa’

Diwalis of my childhood were simple and yet full of joy and celebration. Mother would begin making huge Britannia biscuit tins full of namkeens like murukku, mixture, burfis, laddoos and more. We really needed huge quantities, what with all of us at home and the neighbours and friends to share it all with. Friends would […]

Sundal, a Navaratri prasadam

Navaratri is the time of fasting and also feasting. While North Indians fast all day and prepare special fasting foods before breaking their fast at night, in the south, they make a feast, offer to the Goddess after elaborate puja and then gorge on it. The fasting is for the rest of the day! Navaratri […]