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Fasting Sweets

Kesar Kalakand

Kesar kalakand is a popular north Indian dessert. Its rich taste and texture make it a perfect dessert for special celebrations, family functions and festivals. It is also a perfect homemade dessert for fasting/vrat. The recipe is very easy and …

Meethe Chawal
Rice Sweets

Meethe Chawal

Meethe chawal is a traditional sweet dish, which is made on auspicious occasions like weddings and on the festivals like basant panchami or on annakut after Diwali (along with other delicacies meethe chawal is also made). Meethe chawal is prepared by combining simple ingredients like basmati …

Fasting Sweets

Dry Fruits Barfi

On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtmi, try this delicious barfi that will add to the sweetness of this festival. The quantity of ingredients mentioned below will make around 30 to 35 pieces of barfi. Ingredients  Gond (gum resin/edible gum) – …


Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jumun is a very popular dessert in India. It is soft in texture and very delicious. This sweet and tasty dessert is made on festivals, weddings, on major celebrations in the family like birthday parties, anniversary parties, get-togethers, etc. Ingredients Gulab …