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Shakarpara is a tasty and crunchy homemade sweet delicacy which is made during the festive season.

Shakarpara is everyone’s favourite in our family! We make shakarpara on holi and diwali. It has a long shelf life so I make this sweet snack in advance (8 to 10 days before the festival). 

Shakarpara can be made with maida or aata. I have used aata, which I have flavored with sesame seeds and poppy seeds and it is mildly sweetened with sugar.

Due to its long shelf life, shakarpara is preferred as a: 

  • Festive snack.
  • Travel-friendly snack.
  • Munching snack between meals.
  • Tea time snack.
  • Perfect snack for students staying in a hostel.

The recipe is very simple and easy. 

Ingredients –

  • Aata (wheat flour)            – ½ kg
  • Suji (semolina)                 – 2 tbsp
  • Til (sesame seeds)           – 1 tbsp
  • Khus khus (poppy seeds) – 1 tbsp
  • Milk                                    – 1 tea cup
  • Sugar                                 – ¾ tea cup
  • Desi ghee (clarified butter) -¾ tea cup
  • Salt one pinch.
  • Desi ghee (clarified butter) for frying shakarpara.
Ingredients for making shakarpara

Method –

  • In a pan combine milk and sugar, cook it until the sugar dissolves completely. 
  • Let the mixture cool.
  • In a bowl, combine aata, suji, a pinch of salt, til and khus khus.
  • Now add ¾ teacup lukewarm desi ghee and blend the ghee evenly inthe to flour with fingertips until it looks like breadcrumbs.
  • Now knead the flour with the lukewarm milk and sugar mixture. If required, sprinkle some water.
  • The dough should be stiff, smooth and pliable.
  • Grease the dough with oil, cover it with a moist muslin cloth and keep it aside to rest for 15 minutes.
  • Again, knead the dough, and divide it equally into 8 to 9 portions.
  • Roll out each portion into 7″ to 8” diametre, keep it slightly thick. 
  • If edges are uneven trim them.
  • Cut shakarpara into the diamond shape. 

    Cut the rolled out dough in the diamond shape
  • Heat ghee in a kadhai (wok) and fry shakarpara on low to medium flame until they are golden in colour.
  • Drain shakarpara on an absorbent paper.
  • After shakarpara cools completely, store in an airtight container.
Homemade Shakarpara


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