Gujiya festive recipe

Gujiya is a delicious sweet which is made on festivals like Holi and Diwali. The outer covering of gujiya is made with maida and khoya / mawa while the stuffing is made of dry fruits.

Mawa gives richness to this delicacy and dry fruits add a nutty taste! Gujiyas are fried in desi ghee which enhances the taste and flavor further.

The recipe is very easy and simple and I have divided the recipe into four simple steps:

1. Procedure to knead flour for outer covering
2. Procedure to make the stuffing
3. Procedure for shaping and stuffing the gujiya,
4. Frying gujiya.

Ingredients for outer covering – (18 to 20 gujiya)

. Maida – 250 gm
. Desi ghee – 4 tbsp
. Warm water for kneading maida

Ingredients for Gujiya outer covering
Ingredients for Gujiya outer covering

Method to knead maida:

1. Take maida in a plate, add ghee and with your fingertips rub into the flour. The texture of the maida will become like breadcrumbs.
2. With lukewarm water, knead the maida into a stiff and smooth dough. Apply some ghee on the dough and cover it with a clean kitchen towel and keep it for rest for 20 to 25 minutes.

Stiff and smooth dough
Stiff and smooth dough

Ingredients for stuffing:

. Khoya/Mawa – 200 gm
. Suji – 1 tbsp
. Chopped cashewnuts – 12 to 15
. Chopped almonds – 12 to 15
. Chopped pistachios – 12 to 15
. Raisins – 40 to 45
. Chironji – 1 tsp
. Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
. Powdered sugar – 3/4 tea cup

Ingredients for Gujiya stuffing
Ingredients for Gujiya stuffing

Method to make the stuffing:

1. On medium flame roast khoya in a heavy bottom pan, keep stirring continuously till the colour changes to light brown. Turn off the flame, transfer khoya to a plate and allow it to cool.
2. When khoya cools completely, add powdered sugar, suji, chopped cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, raisins, chironji and cardamom powder. Mix properly, if there are any lumps break them with your fingertips. Once done, the stuffing is ready.

Procedure to make gujiya:

1. Apply some ghee on the palm to knead the dough one’s again and divide it into equal portions. Roll them into smooth balls.
2. Take one ball and make into a thin puri of 3 to 4 inch,
3. Put 1 tbsp stuffing in the centre.
4. With the help of your fingertips, apply little water on the edge, now fold it into a half circle and seal the edges by pressing it with a fork. Make all the gujiyas like this and keep covered with a clean kitchen towel to prevent from drying.

Procedure to make Gujiya
Procedure to make Gujiya

Procedure for frying gujiya:

1. Heat 1 tea cup of ghee on medium flame. Ghee should not be too hot for frying gujiya, it should be medium hot.
2. Fry 2 to 3 gujiyas at a time, flip in between for even browning and crispy texture. When gujiyas are light golden in colour remove them on an absorbent paper.

Gujiyas are ready! Once they are completely cooled, store in an air tight container.

Gujiya is ready to serve!
Gujiya is ready to serve!


1. Because of khoya/mawa, gujiya does not have long shelf life so keep in refrigerated, ( after 3-4 days of preparation.)
2. Prefer to use homemade khoya/mawa.

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