Green Chilli Pickle

Green Chilli Pickle

Indian meals are just incomplete without accompaniments like chutney, pickles, raita and salad. Of these, pickles add the extra zing to whatever meal it is – a breakfast of parathas, a meal of dal chawal or roti-dal-subzi.

We get a variety of pickles in the supermarkets but they are loaded with salt and preservatives. Homemade pickles on the other hand are not just hygienic but also give us the satisfaction of having made it ourselves. Of course the preparation of some pickles like mango, is an elaborate annual affair, but some are simple and can be made in a jiffy.

The recipe of the green chilli pickle which I am sharing here is very simple. Remember to buy fresh, firm and crisp bright green chillies. Discard damaged ones.

Green Chilli Pickle Ingredients
Green Chilli Pickle Ingredients


Green chillies                   –  250gm
Mustard seeds (rai)          – 1+1/2 tsp
Salt  (namak)                    – 2+1/2tsp
Fennel seeds  (saunf)       – 1 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds  (methi) – 1/4tsp
Asafetida ( hing)              – 1/8 tsp
Turmeric powder (haldi)    – 1/4tsp
Mango powder (amchur)   – 1tbsp
Lime juice                          – 1tbsp
Vinegar                              – 1tbsp
Mustard oil (sarson ka tel)  – 50gm


1. Rinse the chillies in water and dry them well.
2. Remove stem and cut chillies into small pieces
3. On medium flame dry roast fenugreek, mustard seeds and fennel seeds for 1 or 2 minutes till a nice aroma wafts. Switch off the flame.
4. After the spices cool, grind into a coarse powder.
5. Heat mustard oil in a till it is smoky. Turn off the gas and allow it to cool,
6. When oil is slightly warm add the prepared spice powder, turmeric and asafetida. Mix thoroughly and allow it to cool completely. Once cool, add green chilli pieces, salt, amchur powder, lime juice and vinegar and mix it well until each piece is coated with the spices.

Combine spices and chilli chunks
Combine spices and chilli chunks

7. Tangy and spicy green chilli pickle is ready. Store in an air tight glass jar and leave for a day. It can be eaten from the next day!

Green Chili Pickle is Ready
Green Chili Pickle is Ready

Note –
1. This pickle does not have a long shelf life, so keep it in the refrigerator after 5-6 days.
2. Green chilli pickle should be eaten in small quantities to avoid acidity and heartburn.
3. Always store pickles in an air-tight glass jar. Wash it with hot water and dry it completely

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