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Arbi (in curd gravy)

Taro root is popularly known as Arbi or Ghuiyan in hindi. Arbi is a popular and versatile vegetable; it is mushy and fleshy in texture and it is slightly sweet and nutty in taste. Various types of non-fasting and fasting dishes are made with arbi. I usually make sukhi arbi, dahi wali arbi, dum arbi, […]

Falafels (with chai and chutney!)

Falafel is a popular middle-eastern dish. Based on its ingredients, it is a good source of protein. Basically, onions and garlic are used along with chickpeas but instead of onion and garlic, I am using carrot and capsicum. Falafels are deep-fried balls or patties which are crispy from outside and soft and fluffy from inside. Traditionally, falafels are […]

Homemade soup sticks / breadsticks

I am really very excited to share the recipe of crunchy and fluffy homemade soup sticks. I have given a healthy twist to the soup sticks by adding oats and I have flavored them with carom (ajwain) seeds and sesame (til) seeds which add a mild aroma and enhance the taste of the soup sticks. […]

Shaam-Savera Palak Kofta

Kofta is a rich dumpling that is cooked in a gravy. There are many varieties of koftas, some of which are really rich and heavy, which find the pride of place in any wedding or celebration meal, especially in north India.. The recipe of Shaam-Savera Palak Kofta is as unique as its name suggests and […]

Home Made Garam Masala

Garam means warm or hot and masala means blends of spices. Garam masala is the combination of simple spices available in the kitchen. The spices used to make garam masala are digestive and have medicinal properties. During the winter season, use of garam masala in food can help in keeping the body warm, which is […]

Kesar Kalakand

Kesar kalakand is a popular north Indian dessert. Its rich taste and texture make it a perfect dessert for special celebrations, family functions and festivals. It is also a perfect homemade dessert for fasting/vrat. The recipe is very easy and simple. It is made by combining reduced full-cream milk, crumbled paneer, milk powder and sugar. […]

Bharwan karela/Stuffed Bitter gourd

Karela, the bitter but beneficial vegetable that is loved by many and avoided by an equal number,  is called Bitter Gourd in English. It also goes by other names such as Bitter melon, Bitter squash and Balsam pear. These are all slightly different from each other in shape and appearance, but the bitterness is common […]

Home-made Besan Laddu

Popular and traditional homemade besan laddus are everyone’s favourite and they are made with simple ingredients available in every Indian kitchen. To make delicious laddus we need coarse /mota besan (coarse besan is ideal for laddus), desi ghee, bura (fine-grained sugar), cardamom powder, and badam. Recipe to make besan ke laddus is very simple and easy. Besan […]

Maida ka sattu for Kajari Teej

This year Kajari teej is on 29th August 2018 – Wednesday. Kajari teej is an important festival celebrated in many northern states of India, but is of special significance to the Marwari community. It is celebrated by all the Maheshwari families. Some Agrawal and Rajasthani families also celebrate this festival. On kajari teej the most […]

Nutritious Matar-Paneer-Cheese ka paratha

Matar (Peas) is a seasonal vegetable, which is available in abundance during winters. And winters are also the season when we make a variety of parathas. Since our appetite is healthy during the cold months, we make dishes that have lots of paneer and other milk products, which are more easily digested. So, what could […]