Entries by Suman Maheshwari

Christmas Special: Eggless Blackcurrant Muffins

Let’s welcome Christmas and new year with blackcurrant muffins and spread sweetness around. These cute little, super moist and spongy muffins are soft and smooth in texture and are fully loaded with the delicious taste of blackcurrant berries. The recipe to make blackcurrant muffins is very simple and easy. Ingredients for eight muffins The teacup […]

Dates Roll/Khajoor Roll (Vegan)

Dates roll with dry fruits is one of the easiest sweets to make! This dish is naturally sweet and everyone can enjoy eating these mouth-watering dates roll without guilt because additional sugar and ghee are not required in making this sweet. Dates roll is a healthy and nutritious sweet. The best part of this rolls […]

Shakarkandi / sweet potato kheer

Shakarkandi, also known as sweet potato, is a very popular super food which has numerous health benefits. Read the nutritional facts about shakarkandi here. These days we get sweet potato in abundance in the market and I use this healthy and nutritious superfood to make different types of fasting and non-fasting dishes which are savoury, sweet, […]

Gond Ke Laddu / Edible Gum Laddu

Gond ke laddu is a popular and traditional North Indian sweet delicacy. All the ingredients which we add in gond ke laddus are nutritious and healthy, and keep the body warm in winter and enhance the immunity. To make gond ke laddu, the basic ingredient is whole wheat flour to which we add gond (edible […]

Fresh Coconut and Rajgira Laddu

Fresh coconut and rajgira ke laddu are one of the simplest and easiest to make sweets which is perfect for fasting (vrat) and festive occasions. To make laddus from coconut and rajgira, only four basic ingredients are required: freshly grated coconut, rajgira, sugar and milk. To this mixture, add some other special ingredients based on […]

Papad ki Churi with smoky flavour

Traditionally, moong dal papad is the most favourite side dish for North Indians, eaten with almost every meal.  As per the occasion, moong dal papad is served in many different styles – With normal lunch or dinner, dry roasted papad is served. With puris, deep fried papad is served. On special occasions, masala papad is served. […]

Atte Ka Halwa

Atte ka halwa is a traditional North Indian dessert which is one of the easiest and quick recipes. Atte ka halwa is made with a very few ingredients which are easily available on every kitchen shelf. In North Indian families, atte ka halwa is prepared on festivals and other special celebrations such as birthdays, family […]

Bedmi Puris

Bedmi puri is a popular street food of North India. It is also a festive delicacy! We make bedmi puri on Diwali, Holi, Karva chauth and Ahoi ashtami. It is also called as Bedmi kachori or urad dal ki kachori. The basic ingredients to make Bedmi puri are wheat flour and little semolina (suji) which […]

Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi

Aloo tamatar ki sabzi is a very popular, quick-and-easy-to-make dish. Aloo ki sabzi is a very common dish which is cooked regularly in many households. It especially  holds an important place in North Indian kitchens.  This exotic sabzi is the combination of boiled potatoes simmered in tomato gravy along with simple spices which are available […]

Gulgule / Meetha Pua

Gulgule or Meetha pua is a traditional north indian dish which we make on special occasions and on festivals. We make gulgule on Ahoi ashtami, a hindu festival which is celebrated one week before Diwali, on this day mothers keep fast and worship Mata Ahoi for the well being and long life of their children. […]