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Maida ka sattu for Kajari Teej

This year Kajari teej is on 29th August 2018 – Wednesday. Kajari teej is an important festival celebrated in many northern states of India, but is of special significance to the Marwari community. It is celebrated by all the Maheshwari families. Some Agrawal and Rajasthani families also celebrate this festival. On kajari teej the most […]

Nutritious Matar-Paneer-Cheese ka paratha

Matar (Peas) is a seasonal vegetable, which is available in abundance during winters. And winters are also the season when we make a variety of parathas. Since our appetite is healthy during the cold months, we make dishes that have lots of paneer and other milk products, which are more easily digested. So, what could […]

Khatti meethi tamatar ki chutney

Tomato sauce is the chosen accompaniment to a lot of snacks and breakfast dishes, inlcuding samosas, sandwiches and cutlets. They are also available in many flavours and tastes. But the biggest disadvantage is that they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like artificial colouring, preservatives and lots of salt, which are all very harmful for health. […]

Aate ki Mathri, a tea-time snack

Mathri is a very popular north Indian teatime snack. This crispy snack is found in almost all north Indian homes. In our family everyone is very fond of aate ki mathri, as a perfect and favourite tea time snack. It is not just an everyday snack, but also finds an important place during festivals like […]

Kesar Rabdi with Pumpkin

Kesar lachha rabdi is a classic north Indian sweet dish. It is a festive dessert but also a perfect fasting/vrat dish.  It goes well with some sweets like gulab jamun, jalebi and malpua or as an accompaniment with puris. This versatile sweet dish can be served hot or cold. Traditionally this classic dessert is made […]

Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is a signature mouthwatering dish from Rajasthani cuisine. Traditional Rajasthani thali of dal, batti and churma is incomplete without authentic gatte ki sabzi. It is also served with paratha, phulka, naan and rice. A simple dish that comes in handy when there are no vegetables at hand. Gatte (dumplings made with gram […]

Mongodi – Dry condiment of Rajasthan

Mongodi or moong dal ki vadi is a dry condiment popular in Rajasthan. In fact, it is one of the most important items in a Marwari wedding, when the bride’s family and extended family get together to make mongodi at home.  This is done to the accompaniment of traditional songs composed especially for the occasion. Large […]

Mongodi Ki Subzi (2 recipes)

Mongodi ki sabzi is very popular in Rajasthan and other parts of northern India. They come in handy to stretch a subzi when there are not enough vegetables at hand. I am sharing here a couple of very tasty and interesting subzis made with the addition of mongodi. Do try them out. You will love them! […]

Aam aur kabuli chana ka achaar

Kabuli chana (chickpea) instantly brings to mind chole. Or if you are familiar with international cuisine – hummus. Of course, being a versatile pulse, it can be turned into hundreds of interesting recipes. But, did you know that it can be made into a tangy, tasty pickle? And that too without having to wait for […]

Instant mango pickle masala

Pickles are an integral part of almost every Indian meal. They add the necessary tanginess and heat to the meal, be it a breakfast of parathas or puris or a simple meal of rice and dal or roti and dal. Talking of pickles, they need the right masala to turn out perfect. Of course, we […]