Aloo Poha Recipe

Aloo Poha


Poha – 2 cup
Potato – 1 medium
Tomato – 1 medium
Mustard – ¼ tea spoon
Curry leaves – 7 to 10
Green chilies – 2
Roasted ground nuts – 2 table spoon
Haldi powder – ¼ tea spoon
Chili powder – ¼ tea spoon
Sugar – ½ tea spoon
Salt – ½ tea spoon
Lemon – ½
Coriander leaves – 2 table spoon
Bikaner bhujiya – 2 to 3 table Spoon


Wash poha 3 to 4 times with water and keep aside in a big strainer.

Cut potatoes into small cubes, chop curry leaves and green chilies .

Heat 3 tea spoon oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When they crackle, add curry leaves and green chilies. Now add potatoes and cook till potatoes are soft.


Chop tomatoes and add this to poha, put haldi, chili powder, salt and sugar also.


Mix everything together.


Now add this mixture to the pan, mix well and cook on slow flame for five minutes.


Now add dry roasted groundnuts and turn off the flame.


Add juice of half a lime and mix. Garnish with coriander leaves and bikanery bhujiya. Serve poha with tea.


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